The Rise of our Masters – Post 2 – Rothschild Family – Master of Europe

Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

For the people that are working in the finance/banking industry but does not know the “Rothschild Family”, it is comparable to a military officer that has not heard of Napoleon or a physicist that has not heard of Einstein. The Rothschild Family has had such an enormous impact on today’s world and yet it has managed to stay largely invisible to the general public.

Strict family control, total black box operation, precise like clockwork, always know better than the market, completely rational thinking, endless hunger for money, and amazing ability to predict, these traits has made the Rothschild family invincible in the past 200 years through all the turmoils of war, politics and finances, they built the largest financial empire known to the world, their total asset is estimated to be 30 trillion dollars today, in another words, they are worth about 100 Microsoft in terms of market cap, 15 China or 2 United States in terms of total annual GDP.
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The Rise of Our Masters – dissecting the power of the bankers

04/28/2011: I wrote these a few years ago, I will be archiving this unfinished series of posts here, hopefully some day I will find the time to finish.

I will be posting a series of posts on my blog that will answer some big questions and provide truly shocking facts. These information are mostly unknown to the public and can only be obtained with some serious digging.

After reading my posts, you will understand and find answers for these questions and much more:

Did you know that the United States Federal Reserves is a privately held banking cartel?

Who ultimately controls the Federal Reserves?

Why was the Federal Reserves created?

Who controls the printing and distribute of money in the United States?

Why the death rate of US Presidents is higher than the death rate of front line troops at Normandy beach?

Who truly control the world?

Who control the financial derivatives market?

Why as the total mortgage amount increases, the value of the dollar decrease?

Why gold is the true “king of money”?

Why gold will eventually be the end of “fiat money”?
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