The Rise of our Masters – Post 2 – Rothschild Family – Master of Europe

Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

For the people that are working in the finance/banking industry but does not know the “Rothschild Family”, it is comparable to a military officer that has not heard of Napoleon or a physicist that has not heard of Einstein. The Rothschild Family has had such an enormous impact on today’s world and yet it has managed to stay largely invisible to the general public.

Strict family control, total black box operation, precise like clockwork, always know better than the market, completely rational thinking, endless hunger for money, and amazing ability to predict, these traits has made the Rothschild family invincible in the past 200 years through all the turmoils of war, politics and finances, they built the largest financial empire known to the world, their total asset is estimated to be 30 trillion dollars today, in another words, they are worth about 100 Microsoft in terms of market cap, 15 China or 2 United States in terms of total annual GDP.


1. Waterloo for Napoleon, Triumph for the Rothschild

Nathan Rothschild was the 3rd son of Mayer Rothschild and possibly the bravest of the family. In 1798, Nathan was sent by his father from Frankfurt to England to begin building the Rothschild banking empire in England. Using his amazing financial talent and unpredictable methods. By 1815, he has became the largest banking power in London. During this time, Mayer Rothschild’s 1st son Amschel Rothschild has stayed in Frankfurt to manage the Rothschild empire headquarters (M.A. Rothschild ans Sons), 2nd son Salomon Rothschild was sent to Vienna, Austria to start another family banking empire (S.M. Rothschild and Sons), 4th son Calmann Rothschild was sent to Naples, Italy to start another bank, 5th son James was sent to Paris, France to start a bank in Paris (Messsieus de RothschildFeres). Rothschild Family built the first international banking system in the world. But in 1815, all 5 brothers focused on the Napoleon war in Europe.

This is a war that will decide the fate and future of the European Continent. If Napoleon achieve final victory, France will become the sole master of the continent. If Wellington defeats the French army, then England will become a major influence on the European countries. Long before the war, the Rothschild family has built a huge, fast and efficient intelligence network. They built a large network of agents, these “spies” were called “children”. They were stationed in all major European cities, trade centers and political centers. All sorts of intelligences were passed between Paris, Naples, London, Vienna and Frankfurt. The efficiency, speed and precision of the system is outstanding, far surpassing any official intelligence network in terms of speed. Their competitors were left in the dust in this regard. All these factors has made the Rothschild banks highly competitive in almost all international markets.

“Rothschild’s spies are all over the city streets, they have money, mail and information. But no information are as valuable as the result of the waterloo battle.”

on June 18th, 1815, in the suburbs of Brussels, the armies of Napoleon and Wellington met in the battlefield, but this is also a battle between thousands of investors, the winner shall obtain enormous wealth and the loser will lose it all. The stock exchange in London is filled with tense air, everyone was eagerly waiting for the result of Waterloo. If England loses, English Bonds will become worthless. If England wins, the English Bond will rise through the roof.

As the two armies met in battle, the spies of Rothschild are busy recording all information and intelligence. When the battle was overwhelmingly not in Napoleon’s favor, a spy named “Rothworth” recorded this information, got on a horse and rode to Brussels, then to Ostende port. The English channel was very turbulent on that day, after paying 2000 francs he found a sailor that is willing to take him across the channel. He arrived at the shores of Folkstone, England in the morning of June 19th. Nathan Rothschild was already waiting at the shore. Nathan quickly opened the envelope, saw the result of the battle and rode to the London stock exchange.

As Nathan stepped into the exchange, the crowd became quiet immediately. Every person was staring at Nathan. Nathan slowed down and sat on his seat, emotionless. The trading floor is unusually quiet, every one was trying to get some information from Nathan’s eyes. After a short while, Nathan gave a deep look to a Rothschild trader, all Rothschild traders ran to the exchange desk and started to sell English Bonds. The trading floor became uneasy, some people started to whisper, most just stood still. At this time, half million dollar worth of English Bonds were dumped onto the market, the bond price started to decline and then huge sell orders were thrown in the market one after the other, Bond price start to fall rapidly.

Nathan was still sitting in his seat, emotionless. Someone in the trading floor screamed “Rothschild knows!”, “Rothschild knows!”, “Wellington lost!”. The trading floor went wild, confusion became fear. When people lose the ability to think rationally, following the action of others become an instinct. Everyone was dumping their English Bonds since it has became worthless. After several hours of dumping, the English Bonds has been trashed, only retaining less than 5% of its original value.

At this time, Nathan secretly gave another look to his traders, but this time it is with a different means. His traders started to buy any English Bonds they could find. At 11pm June 21st, the messenger from Wellington finally arrived at London, gave the news that Napoleon was defeated after 8 hours of battle, he lost over 1/3 of his men, France is doomed.

Nathan’s intelligence was early by an entire day. During this day, Nathan Rothschild’s wealth has increased 20 fold, more than Napoleon and Wellington’s spoils of war added together during the entire war.

The battle of Waterloo made Nathan the single largest debtor to the English government, and therefore has influenced English Bonds ever since. The bank of England was basically under Nathan’s control. English bonds is a debt guaranteed by future tax revenue of the English government, the taxes paid by the English citizens are basically levied by the Rothschild bank. All of English government’s spending relies on issuing bonds, in another words English government lost the power to issue new money, they must first borrow it from a private bank, paying 8% interest. When Nathan control the vast majority of English bond, he in fact determine the price of the bond, determine the supply of English currency, England’s finances were tightly controlled by the Rothschild Family ever since.

Nathan Rothschild has conquered England: “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.”

2. The Rise of the House of Rothschild
“The few who could understand the system (cheque, money, credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours(politicians), that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” – The boastful statement by Rothschild Bros. of London.

Mayer Rothschild was born at a time when industrial revolution was rapidly spreading and financial industries was booming unprecedentedly. New financial experiments and ideas was spreading from Holland and England to all of Europe. With the creation of “Bank of England” in 1694, a complex concept of money has been created by adventurous bankers.

February 23rd, 1744, Mayer Rothschild was born in the Jewish Ghetto of Frankfurt. His father Moses was a traveling goldsmith and loan shark, mostly doing business in eastern Europe. Before Mayer was born, Moses decided to settle down in Frankfurt. Mayer has showing incredible intelligence at a young age, so his father spent significant amount of resources and time in Mayer’s education, systematically teaching him money, loans and business. After a few years, Moses died, the then 13 year old Mayer Rothschild became a apprentice in a bank with the support of his relatives.

Mayer Rothschild using his amazing intelligence and diligence, quickly mastered all aspects of the banking industry, in 7 years Mayer was promoted to a junior partner of the Bank. He met many valuable clients and it is at here he realized loaning money to princes and kings is much more profitable than loaning to common people, this is because no only the loan amount is huge, it is guaranteed by future tax of the country. Mayer became a friend of Prince William of Germany. On September 21st, 1769, Prince William appointed Mayer as his official agent, Mayer put the royal coat of arms on his business sign and wrote “M.A.Rothschild, agent of Prince William”. After that, Mayer’s reputation gained significantly and brought him much more business. Mayer was very dedicated in serving Prince William and gained his trust.

In 1803, Napoleon declared to purge Prince William’s family from Germany and invaded Germany with his army. William was expelled to Denmark, before he left he gave Mayer 3 million dollar worth of cash for safekeeping. This 3 million became the basis of Mayer Rothschild’s financial empire and brought him unprecedented wealth and power. After Mayer received the 3 million from William, he sent is 5 sons to the 5 major cities of Europe. 1st son Amschel stayed in Frankfurt, 2nd son Salomon to Vienna, 3rd son Nathan to England, 4th son Calmann to Naples and 5th son James to Paris. The 5 brothers all succeeded in establishing a formidable presence in their respective country, some have gained control of the country’s finances.

3. The Rothschild Financial Empire

“As long as your brothers band together, no bank in the world can compete with you, hurt you or profit from you. Together you have the power larger than any bank in the world”

When Mayer Rothschild died in 1812, he made a very strict will:
1. All top management positions will be strictly given to family members, no outsiders allowed. Only male members of the family can participate in the family business.
2. Marriage can only occur within the family, to prevent the dilution or loss of wealth. (This rule was enforced strictly at first, later was amended to include other Jewish banking families)
3. Never reveal the details of the family’s enormous assets.
4. Never allow attorneys to interfere with inheritance.
5. The 1st son of each sub-family will become the head of the household.
6. Anyone who disobey this will, lose all inheritance rights.

By mid 19th century, England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and most other European country’s currency supply was controlled by the Rothschild family, “the power of kings were replaced by the power of money”. At this point, the prosperous American continent has became the Rothschild’s next target.

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