Top 10 Reasons to use WordPress as a CMS

Using WordPress as a CMS can be easily done. But I do not recommend those who want to have a cookie cutter solution. If you want to have something that works out of the box, then WordPress as a CMS is not for you. To use WordPress as a CMS, a small amount of modification is required. But the benefit and reward is huge! These are some reasons why I would use WordPress as a CMS platform.

10. WordPress has amazing SEO by default without tweaking. If you want more SEO, it’s easily done by installing a couple of plugins, such as the All in One SEO Pack or Remove WWW plugin. Or just use a theme that support SEO such as the popular Genesis theme.

9. Easy admin interface. WordPress’s administration interface is the easiest and most intuitive by far. It’s way better than Joomla or Drupal. You’ll work much more efficiently and save much time by using WordPress.

8. WordPress is standard compliant. So why use other bloated and non-compliant CMS when you could have WordPress power your site?

7. WordPress is Free and Open Source. WordPress give you commercial level quality and stability for free.

6. Blogging is built in. If you decide to use WordPress as a CMS, then you know you don’t have to worry about blogging capabilities. With WordPress, blogging is built in and it is the best blogging platform in the world.

5. Easy to install. WordPress is famous for its 5 second installation. Usually it even takes me less than that!

4. Easy to upgrade. Most if not all wordpress plugins and themes do not modify wordpress source code. So to upgrade WordPress, just use the built in auto-update feature and you are done! Which other CMS system can make this claim?

3. It has been done successfully. CNET, Ford, ZDNET and various other popular sites has used WordPress as a CMS.

2. Free support from a vibrant and amazing community of developers and contributors. Huge amount of documentation available both on and other sites (like this one ^^).

1. WordPress is popular. Over 2% of all website on the internet is powered by WordPress. That means there are tons of amazing plugins and themes for you to choose from to make your CMS system work easier. Need a poll? there is an amazing poll plugin (wp-poll). Need a contact form? there is an amazing contact form plugin(cform 2). Need a gallery? there is an amazing gallery plugin (nextgen).  Need a forum? there is an amazing forum plugin! (simpleforum). There are also a number of CMS-centric WordPress themes, such as mimbo. WordPress is infinitely extensible, without touching the wordpress source code at all!

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